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Healing from the inside out with love and grounding.

 Welcome to a new experience, a new way of tapping into all of your senses, a new way of feeling & living! You are about to embark on a journey that  you have traveled before. Allow me to introduce myself, a student​, a teacher, a stylist,  a mother and wife, a daughter and sister, and now an energy healer, a mentor, & a friend to help awaken your soul's memory and spiritual journey! 

A Place Of Healing, Peace, And Wellness.

The essential oils are used to stimulate your senses and deepen your connection. 

The Reiki / Chi Gong healing energy is used to help heal the mind, body, and soul along with clearing any energetic blockages. 

The reiki-infused facials are created to help cleanse and sooth the skin, body and mind. 

Clearing and activating your chakras can be added to your facial service too!.

And the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) is used to tap into past life trauma and clearing it through the subconscious mind. When I get permission  to speak to the subconscious, we will have the ability help you heal- Spiritually, Emotionally, Mentally, and Physically. This is where we will be able to clear karma and any negative attachments.


We Teach Your Body To Treat Itself

The products that will be used for facials are from the Monat Anti-Aging Skin Care Line. It's a non-toxic, vegan friendly, leaping bunny certified, gluten free, botanically based anti-aging skin care line.

In addition to the services, Young Living essential oils will be used for the "Rain Drop Technique" and as aromatherapy and a detox on all levels; mind, body and spirit. It is important, while doing energy wo​rk (Chi Gong / Reiki), the person being worked on vibrates at higher frequency to move out unwanted energy. Other modalities, like tuning forks or singing bowls, can be used to assist with adjusting your frequencies.

If there any allergies or sensitivities to products or essential oils, I would ask to be notified as soon as possible, so that I am not creating an uncomfortable situation or an allergic reaction. It is also very important to be informed if you are pregnant. Certain types of essential oils will cause a woman to go into premature labor.

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