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"Dropping expectations only leaves inspiration left to share"

~Dana M Gamache~

My Journey into Spiritual Healing

My Journey started about 25 years ago when I was struggling being a single mom. I met this amazing woman, Fran, who inspired me to to continue my meditation practice for many years until she moved too far to jump into classes any more. This was before internet btw! Then I met another amazing woman Patti, who beamed so much love and compassion, that I wanted to  be like her and share what she taught me!

Patti not only was a teacher, but a friend as well, especially during the time my son, Cody, crossed over from a terrible car accident.  She helped me, along with family and friends, to catapult me into owning my own salon for 8 yrs and now onto creating another business (Higher Ground Spiritual Healing). I am a student of life and will continue to study and learn, as much as I can, to share what Life can be like with Love and Joy in your Heart.

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By Request Only

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